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Phone Specifications

Tech News in Short Short Tech News

Google has deleted more than 8 million reviews from PlayStore for TikTok!
Samsung officially introduced the physical debit card named Samsung Money.
SpaceX and NASA's entered the last hour on the Demo-2 mission. The Falcon 9 rocket, which carries the Crew Dragon capsule, will take off at 23.33.
Samsung Announces Exynos 880 Chipset with 5G and NPU
Redmi Earbuds S launched in India
Xiaomi has confirmed RedmiBook 16 prior to it's launch on 26th May and RedmiBook is gonna come with Ryzen 4000 Series CPU and will have battery life upto 12 hours
Game consoles in the future
Samsung Galaxy A31 India Launch Set for June 4
Windows 10 may 2020 will begin to roll out from next week
Samsung India Partners With Facebook to Take Its Offline Retailers Online
Kia’s Upcoming Electric Car Will Recharge in Less than 20 Minutes
PS5 Tech Could End “The World of Loading Screens”: Epic Games CEO
Mark Zuckerberg's fortune has increased by $ 30 billion, making him the third richest person in the world.
Jio (Indian ISP) has unbanned Telegram.org and t.me links
Australia records fastest internet speed i.e 44.2 Terabites per second and it can download 1000 HD movies in a second.
WhatsApp is currently testing a new feature which will allow users to add contacts by just scanning QR code.
The rating of TikTok on PlayStore dropped to 1.3!
If rockets were transparent
Red = Kerosene RP-1
Orange = Liquid Hydrogen LH2
Blue = Liquid Oxygen LOX
Source: Hazegrayart on Youtube
Youtube Music, the releated songs feature will be released soon.
iOS 13.5 has been released!
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