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Doctors recommend taking one Aspirin every day to patients who have had a previous heart condition or who have a critical risk of developing a heart condition. Some healthy people take Aspirin every day, even though they don’t need it. They want to protect themselves from future heart disease, but research has shown that there is no basis for this belief.

According to the research, an estimated 10 million people over 70 years of age with no history of heart disease continue to take Aspirin even though they do not see any medical benefit. Experts say individuals over 70 who have not had a heart condition should stop taking Aspirin. They also suggest that aspirin should only be recommended to patients aged 40-70 at risk.

Aspirin can continue to be given to those who have had a heart condition before with the doctor’s advice. Doctors are now trying to discourage people from taking Aspirin unnecessarily.




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