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Apple has now released its third beta installment.There are lots of new features, many changes & bug fixes in iOS 13. Here you can have a quick look at whats new.

  1. The new volume indicator & yes, that is awesome.

2. The silent mode notification, it is pretty & it also gives a haptic feedback.

Image result for ios 13 silent mode notification

3. Dark Mode Well, obviously. You can toggle from light mode to dark mode, it also changes the applications, its pretty amazing. Plus, you can also schedule it according to your wish. There is a shortcut to switch between light and dark mode, in the control center by 3D touch or Haptic Touch. There are also featured wallpapers for dark mode.

Image result for iOS 13 dark mode settings

4. Apple Music – If we go into the music application you will notice that we have a new UI, we have the text(song name etc.) to the left now instead of right in the center and then we have a time of the song and where we’re currently, at below the title now instead of above it you can see our play button is a little bit smaller and we also have additional options at the bottom we have a dedicated lyrics button down there now and if we actually press on the lyrics button right there you can see we have lyrics but not only do we have a new UI for the lyrics but they actually follow along with the song so you can see that when it goes to the next part in the song when they start saying those lyrics it goes with it it syncs up with the song and it’s like karaoke style, you can just tap anywhere & you will see the song playing from there. It also now warns you if you add a song to a playlist & if its already there.

iOS 12 on the left & iOS 13 on the right

5. Swipe to type – Apple’s QuickPath Keyboard

6. New screenshot menu

7. Messages Info Sharing & Memoji Makeup – iOS 13 brings you Memoji Stickers, which you can use directly in Messages & makeup for you memoji. You can chose how people see your name & photo, for example. You can decide whether you want your profile shared with everyone, with only your contacts, or just once.

8. Sign in with Apple – You can now sign in to third party apps through Sign In With Apple, which is Apple’s take on Google & Facebook’s third party sign in feature. For privacy, you can now sign in with a random email without revealing your original mail ID.

9. Xbox One and PS4 game controller support – Now you can connect your controller to play on your iPhone, Apple did not mention a lot on this, but it is very useful when you want to play any game on your iPhone with the controller setup.

10.  New Sharesheet 

11. The all new photos app and video editor

12. The new reminders -You can now add subtasks also.

12. Safari Changes

When uploading a photo using Safari, you can now choose small, medium, large, and actual size options before uploading it. There are new page zoom options, your open tabs can be saved as bookmarks, and you can jump to an open tab from the search field.

From the Share Sheet in Safari, you can now email a web page as a link, a PDF, or in reader view, and when it comes to privacy, there are a few new improvements. If you try to use a weak password when signing up for a website account, Safari will send a warning, and your Safari history and iCloud-synced tabs use end-to-end encryption.

Also you have now a download manager, which gives you a way to check on the status of files you’re downloading and access files you’ve already downloaded. You can drag and drop files from this interface into a file or an email, and download files in the background.

Although there are many other changes & fixes but we have given you the new features & the big changes. Other things are there like…

new Look Around feature in Maps is Apple’s version of Google Street View.

Location Restrictions,  In iOS 13, users have more control over how and when apps access their location data. There’s a new option to allow an app to use a person’s location just one time, with a requirement to ask again when the next time it wants to use location data.

Several Improvements in the mail app.

There are more of these, but these are the major ones. Let us know if you know anything else.

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