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Just like every previous year, Apple will announce the brand new iOS innovations in June. Soon we will find out what’s new in Apple iOS 16 and what can we expect from the new MacBook Air as well.

Apple iOS 16

WWDC 2022 is scheduled for next week. Tim Cook and his team will show off their greatest new tech innovations. Because this conference is focused mainly on the software, you should not expect a lot of hardware updates. If you are interested in what’s to come in the next iPhone and Apple SmartWatch iteration then you will have to be patient. These updates will roll out in September.

According to the current internet gossip the only thing hardware related will be the new MacBook Air. Although there were rumors surrounding the launch of Apple Glasses, that is definitely not going to happen. Well, at least not now. The AR/VR Apple Glasses is delayed for the second quarter of 2023. If you are interested to learn more about this new technology, then you can read about it here [Apple Glasses to substitute iPhone? – Tech in Deep]. We wrote an extensive article on this subject, and asked the question: Is Apple trying to substitute their top selling product with a new one? Can Apple Glasses be the future?

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Anyways, let’s get back to the Software updates, since the conference is all about the software news and upgrades. We are just days away from seeing the reveal of Apple iOS 16, and the leaks are finally starting to pour in.

From what we know so far, the iOS 16 is rumored to be a fairly significant update. And the first feature we will go over is the:

Apple iOS 16 Updates
Apple iOS 16

Always On Display

This feature might be finally coming to the iPhone with the iOS 16, but it is not going to be for the existing iPhones. You can expect this new software upgrade to be available just for the iPhone 14 Pro and later. Although this Always On Lock Screen was planned to be released last year on iPhone 13 that wasn’t the case.

And we think this was an overdue upgrade. The lock screen with the current version is pretty much useless. I mean, it does tell the time, and shows a nice little preview of the notifications, but the UI is not very glanceable and there is not much left to customize.

But, we do know that Apple is planning major enhancements for the lock screen. They will add a Wallpapers that have a Widget like capabilities. This all shows us that the company is working towards allowing users to customize their lock screen.

Customizable Notifications

The Apple iOS 16 has major notification display improvements. We will get the ability to customize the notification bubbles themselves. Please note, that we do get our hands onto couple of renders, but we are still unsure about their validity. The only thing we can confirm is that we will see much more color to the lock screen and notifications center starting this year. What we mean by that is that the background color of the notification might change a bit, depending on the application.

Apple iOS 16 Messages

Apple iOS 16 Messages

With Apple iOS 16 you can expect updates to the messages application as well. It seems like the application is set to gain a more social network like functionality, particularly around audio messages. Although, we have heard this rumor last year – it did not happen. So, we are hoping this year to have this feature baked into iOS 16 messages application. It will be interesting to see if Apple will include this, along with the RCS and maybe even the ability to edit and unsend messages.

As a side note, some other default apps will get an icon overhaul. So besides the icon redesign there might be other major functionality changes. This concerns apps such as Phone Application, Clock, Health and Mail Application. Bottom line, expect big changes to the default Apple Apps.

Apple iOS 16 Accessibility Features

Apple did preview some new accessibility features. The first one, being door detection for users who are blind or have bad vision. Then they also previewed Apple Watch mirroring. This features allows you to mirror your Apple Watch display on your iPhone. And finally the live captions are coming to iPhone, iPad and Mac for deaf and hard of hearing users.

Widgets and Control Center Update

Apple iOS 16 could bring potentially significant changes to the Widgets. There could be full blown interactive widgets for some applications. Not for all, but for some. It would be great if we have functionality added without the need to go into the application. For example control the music player from the widget itself. But, this is just a rumor. We will have to wait and see on that.

It seems like the Control Center will also be updated with Apple iOS 16. Although, we are not too sure as to what is going to change with the Control Center, what we are hearing is that there will be a nice change to the UI.


In terms of iPadOS the only rumor is that Apple is planning a new multitasking interface.

Supported Devices

It seems like Apple iOS 16 could drop support for the iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, and the original iPhone SE. Although this is just a rumor, the same source correctly predicted the supported devices for iOS 13 and iOS 14, so it has some merits to it.


Here are some more iOS 16 leaks. Watch the full video to see what you can expect in the up coming days.


It is going to be an interesting year with a cool and much needed software updates for Apple. September will be the month when we will see what comes in the hardware section. But let’s just focus on the software updates for now.

What do you hope to see in iOS 16? Let us know down in the comments!




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