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The domain name is an abbreviation for the English word “‎development”‎ (development). The .dev zone quickly became popular, with 182,000 registered users in its first year. And to this day, it remains in demand among developers and IT companies. .dev domains are very popular now, and they are usually used by developers of various software. Namecheap offers you to buy a .dev domain at a good price.

.dev domain zone

How the .dev domain became available to every developer

At first, the .dev domain zone was not available to everyone: in 2017, only the owner, Google, used it. Employees of the company posted and tested their projects here. But other developers advocated the free use of the domain, and at the beginning of 2019 it was opened for free registration.

The .dev domain is considered promising, mainly because it is owned by Google. Many personal projects and other sites for various purposes have already been registered in this zone. For example, has developer tools, has helpful articles on IT, and is home to a community of women programmers.

Useful materials for developers are also available at,, Some web resources in this zone are owned by Google – these are and The popularity of the zone continues to grow, and this is not surprising: the domain perfectly captures the essence of the content, and at the same time it is very short and easy to remember.

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Who can register in the .dev zone

The domain will be of interest to programmers, web designers, specialists in the field of software engineering and mobile applications. You can create a website with news and useful materials on the topic of IT security. The .dev Internet space is also suitable for international forums for specialized specialists, an online school for training novice developers.

The zone can also be used by designers who work in the construction industry. In addition, the domain name will be of interest to specialists in the field of medicine and behavioral science who work in the field of development.

.dev domain web hosting
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How to register a domain

There are many domain zones. However, not all domain registrars offer a complete list of existing domain zones. When you decide on a suitable domain zone, look for which of the registrars allows you to register it. In this case, you should not choose the first one that comes across. It is better to study the rating of possible registrars, and read user reviews about them.

Once you find a reputable registrar, follow these steps to buy a domain name:

  • Go to the official website of the company and find the domain selection module.
  • Type in the search field the invented name and start the search process.
  • Examine the results, as you will have access not only to the options in the desired zone, but also in all available ones.
  • Finally decide on the combination of the name and the domain zone.
  • Follow the site’s instructions to complete the registration process.

After the domain registration is completed, you will receive an email with a link to confirm the right to own the domain name.


.dev domain could be best described as a secure domain for developers and technology. It is a great new space for IT people brought by Google. It is worth considering it if you are interested in brand new cool tech tools, platforms, programming languages and blog. Maybe, even host your next big idea. Hosted by Google these domain names are perfect for developers to showcase their creative ideas.





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