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We will talk about config / xml that we often see in Google camera shares. You can easily set up presets that enhance your photography experience.

What is Config / Xml?

Config is automatic import of well-made settings in Google camera. You don’t need to make the settings one by one, instead you just need to import the config.

How to Install Config / Xml?

First of all, the folders where the config will be found will vary depending on the version of the Google camera you are using. This information is probably listed where you downloaded the Google camera.

Commonly used folder structure:

  • Google Camera GCam/Configs folder
  • Google Camera GCam/Configs7 folder

In this article, I will use CX File Explorer as it looks simpler. You can use any file manager you want.

  • First, we go to our file manager and create a folder named “GCam”.
  • Then we open another folder called “Configs” into this folder and put our xml file into it.

We enter our Google camera application, double click the blacks at the bottom of the camera, select our config and click restore.

Bu işlemin ardından XML yükleme işlemimiz başarıyla tamamlanmıştır.




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