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Google is quietly working on a new operating system called “Fuchsia”. Yesterday, Google developed an official documentation site at with instructions and details to help developers play with the operating system early.

Fuchsia is an operating system thought to be a combination of Android and Chrome OS. This is similar to Microsoft’s plan to consolidate Windows on a single platform. This is not our first encounter with, because the site was published just after Google I / O, but at that time there was no actual content to share.

Fuchsia is not Linux

This may be the most important detail on the site. Fuchsia is not Linux. Fuchsia uses the Zircon kernel developed by Google.

“Zircon is the microkernel underlying the rest of Fuchsia. Zircon also provides core drivers and Fuchsia’s libc implementation.”

It is not known when Fuchsia will be released. We think that the application support will not break from Android. What do you think of the new operating system? You can visit the site here




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