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How To Edit Videos FASTER (the Ultimate Video Editing Process!)

Video editing can be time-consuming. It is a procedure filled with frustration and headaches. It is only because many individuals simply hate this part of the video creation procedure. And yes, there are even some who try entirely avoiding this part.

Video Editing Process
The Ultimate Video Editing Process

But things are not the way they appear. The editing process can be cut short and that too without hampering the quality of the video. The quality of a video is vital, but at the same time, efficiency and speed are equally valuable.

Prioritizing tasks and completing the same within set deadlines will benefit you as a video editor and even the viewers. The viewers will benefit from having a more polished and amazing video that will stick to the right until the end.

Following a few tips on the professional level will surely help in streamlining the procedure and in cutting it short. So, just sit back and get started with these tips:

Compress Or Export Videos in Batches

Quality is of prime importance in the video editing procedure, but quantity also matters. Poor quantity is a complete NO-NO when it comes to producing a video. Hence, it is important to carry out batch processing as and when required.

Try completing different tasks in bulk, starting from rendering sequences to importing files. Remember, batch processing is one of the most significant functions of any online video editors.

It enables you to handle each and every item in your editing to-do list in batches instead of taking them up individually. Efficiency is also one of the most important parts of the video editing game.

Sure, batch processing might not appear like one of the highly advanced video editing tricks, but it is one useful technique that surely makes all the difference.

Remember Organization Is the Key

There is nothing more beneficial than proper organization when it comes to rapid video editing. Clutter is in no way conducive to a good and healthy video editing environment. Perhaps, it is the leading culprit behind unwanted production headaches.

Well, it is possible to avoid clutter by organizing assets and footage. This entails labeling all the items properly and placing them in the right folders. Make different folders for footage, images, project files, audio, and graphics. If you set up things this way, it will help in saving a lot of time.

You must also organize things by what camera they were recorded and by date. This will help you when you are into color correction and grading. Video editing is a process when time is of the highest essence.

This is the reason why the thoughtful organization is essential.

Use Several Monitors If Possible

This can be anything- an old TV or an extra monitor lying uselessly in your home. No matter what you manage, having more screen space while video editing is of good help in saving time.

Having several monitors will let you go through different things and tasks quickly and at one glance. The best is to go for an ultra-wide monitor for effects windows and file management. You can have another one for complete screen video playback.

Record Footage with Editing in Mind

Keeping the end result in mind or the final product that you want to film will help you cut down on editing time in the most dramatic manner. Just record the things that are truly required in the video.

This way, you will have less editing content, automatically saving you a huge amount of time.

Stock Footage

One thing that slows down every video editor while editing is when they miss out on one or two shots to make their video better, but in reality, they do not have those shots.

Most of the time, a simple macro shot or drone shot related to what is being spoken about is required to finish a video. This requires pausing the editing and filming the shot all over again. And all this together can take up a lot of time.

This is where stock footage comes to the rescue. Subscribing to stock video solutions becomes extremely valuable here. The stock footage video solutions will let you search through the shots you really want to include in your video, and that too without copyright issues.

Simply download the clip you require, test it, edit it, and then export.

Use Keyboard Shortcuts Wherever Possible

Cut out the use of the mouse on your system as many times as possible. This is beneficial because it will help you save a lot of time. Instead, invest some time in learning different keyboard shortcuts.

This is a simple and easy trick, of course, but it goes a long way in saving the time that would otherwise go into hovering over things with your mouse in hand.

Make Notes While Recording a Video

Just as you would make notes in class while the teacher explained a certain task to make things easier while studying for your exam, the same goes for the video editing procedure as well. You must make notes while recording video, so the editing takes less time.

The notes you make simultaneously while recording footage will help you get things done accordingly. Having short, useful messages within the recorded footage means that you have started with the editing procedure even while filming your video. And this will make the editing easier later on.

Edit Is Different Stages

Suppose you do not want to lose focus while editing, do one thing at a time. First, take up the A-Roll edit and work on the speaking part. Then add B-Roll in the right locations and then go for color grading and correction.

Your next step should be inserting graphics and adding music and sound effects. Finally, review and export the end product. Simple!

Video Editing Process Bottom Line
Video Editing Process: The Bottom Line

The Bottom Line

Well, even though you have a few steps that will make the video editing process easy and less time-consuming, there’s no guarantee of the same. Since videos themselves are complex, you never know when you might have to edit something, even when the final product is ready to be published.

Keep quality at the heart of your editing and increase efficiency by keeping the above tips in mind. Happy editing!




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