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The Windows 10 version, which Microsoft uses in itself and has a different start menu, was accidentally released.

Microsoft needs the support of experienced users to improve and update their systems. For this reason, it has different groups of testers that respond to different needs. Microsoft released installation number 18947 for Xbox developers. This 32-bit system was normally used only within the firm. As a result of an error, all test users have been able to see and use this update.

One of the most notable points in this new installation was Microsoft’s Start Menu, which had been relinquished from its live frames. The menu predicted to be added for the Lite version is also more ideal for mobile compatibility. This new build also includes a GIF search tool inside the emoji picker for Windows 10.

Microsoft had made a similar mistake in 2017, releasing a Device Recovery tool for computers that had trouble. The Microsoft Windows Insider chief said the firm was looking into the cause of this mishap. No further explanation has yet come from Microsoft.




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