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Netflix, a TV series and film platform, shared its television recommendations for 2019. Since 2015, Netflix has been making regular television recommendations. Netflix, which has certain conditions, compares the television models that meet these conditions and shares the results of these comparisons with the public.

Netflix has 7 criteria in total. The fact that televisions meet 3 of the 7 criteria makes it the Netflix recommendation. The first of these three features is the time the television is switched on and how quickly the television can open an application while it is on. The second requirement is the Netflix key. In fact, this criterion can be called biased because television manufacturers do not have to put the key to the Netflix application. The quality of a television cannot be determined by the presence or absence of the Netflix key. The third rule is how TVs keep their operating systems and Netflix application up to date. If the TV’s software is too old or the Netflix application cannot be updated after a certain version, this means a negative score for the TVs.

Without further ado, here’s the list of 2019’s Netflix-recommended TVs:

  • Samsung Q60R/Q70R/Q80R/Q90R/Q900R series, RU8000, The Serif and The Frame devices
  • Sony BRAVIA X85G/X90G series and A9G series
  • Panasonic VIERA GX700/GX800/GX900 series

This list may seem short, but I think there are not many televisions on the market with a Netflix button. It is also surprising that LG is not on the list.




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