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RTX 3090 worth about $ 340,000 was stolen in the incident this morning at the MSI factory in China. Stating that it suspects that the robbery was committed with insider assistance, MSI promises cash rewards to those who share information about the robbery.

According to the information reported, there were more than 200 RTX 3090s in the said cargo boxes and the total value of the stolen goods was over 330 thousand dollars. Although the official price of RTX 3090s is around $ 1,500, it is offered for sale on the black market with an average price tag of $ 2,000 due to stock problems.

Following the robbery, MSI directly notified the police units. In the statement made, it was stated that the shipping area of the factory was monitored with security cameras, every truck incoming and outgoing was inspected, so the robbery in question should have been carried out with the help of some insiders. MSI is promising 100,000 yuan (approximately $ 15,000) prize money to anyone who can provide information about the location of the stolen RTX 3090s and the identity of the thieves.




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