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Netflix, the world’s largest online publishing platform, has experienced a first in the world following legal regulation released in Turkey. The platform, which has had similar problems in many countries before, had overcome these problems by editing the content. But the decision, which came into force with the RTUK in Turkey, was in some ways a first for the world.

16 months ago, Netflix founder Reed Hastings said: “we exist in Saudi Arabia and in Pakistan. There is no problem in these countries, why should live issue in Turkey ?”

As of August 1, 2019, due to the legal regulation that takes effect in Turkey Netflix and similar platforms will come to state control. The state will have the authority to remove the contents it has identified. Of course Netflix content isn’t too innocent either. The Platform has received heavy criticism in recent years for its increasing themes of sexuality, drugs and violence. Even in his home country of the United States, Netflix’s content has been the subject of controversy. Turkey was the first country to introduce a well-established legal regulation on Netflix and similar platforms.

This arrangement in Turkey has not pleased the public at all. A lot of people on social media are reacting to this. What do you think about this?





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