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A motorcycle rider resorted to an interesting solution to avoid getting caught on the radar during speed overruns, but this solution was noticed by the traffic police. The driver, who changed the numbers on his licence plate with black tape, was fined ₺ 505.

The motorcycle rider, whose plate had the end of 976, converted the numbers 9 and 6 to 8 using black tape and made his plate appear as 878 on the radar. Although this change managed to mislead the radar, it did not go unnoticed by the traffic police. Traffic police, who noticed the awkwardness in the license plate after stopping the motorcycle in question, U.B. he revealed the ruse of the citizen named.

A motorbike driver who made his plate read incorrectly by replacing it with tape, so that it was not attached to the radar app, was fined ₺ 505 for “making the plate read differently.” Of course, it is not known how many excessive speeding penalty has been avoided by changing the plate of the motorcycle driver in question.





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