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ADB and fastboot are some of the files that come preloaded in the platform-tools Android SDK with the naming of Google. ADB, in its simplest definition, is a developer tool that we can send certain commands to our phone with the computer. This tool helps us a lot thanks to its features. Fastboot allows us to access our phone system with some basic commands while our phone is in bootloader mode. The commands in fastboot are very basic commands, but again, they are useful for us like ADB. We will use these ADB and Fastboot tools in almost all of the guides we will make on the site.

How to Install ADB and Fastboot?

Although it is very simple to set up, there are many confusing guides on the internet. Here, I will show you two installation methods, one as a manual tool and one as an automatic tool that I wrote. Which one you use is up to you.

Note: Some users should disable driver signature verification in order not to have any trouble with ADB driver. Click to learn how to disable.


Requirements: ADB and Fastboot manual installation files | Google DriveZippyshare

When we download these files and open the zip, we will see a screen like this.

Go into the Driver file and run the DPInst_x64 file if your computer is 64Bit and the DPInst_x86 file if it is 32Bit.

Move the adb folder to our C:/ directory.


After completing the installation process, you can go to adb folder and type cmd in the address bar, enter it at the command prompt and start using it.



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