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WhatsApp is introducing a brand new feature that you will simply love

WhatsApp new Feature
Reacting to messages will be possible in the next WhatsApp update

WhatsApp is testing a new feature that will allow users to react to messages. Its awesome to see WhatsApp being upgraded constantly. More and more features are being introduced in the past few months, but this one (reacting to messages) was missing.

Reacting to messages is something that Messanger users constantly used and WhatsApp users were missing. Well not anymore. Even though we can live without this upgrade, sometimes we really just like to show to the other person how we feel about a certain message.

Sometimes these reacts can even substitute a complete message, so instead of typing it, we can simply react.

This new feature has been spotted by WABetaInfo. This is a very useful site that tracks the latest features on the beta version of the instant messaging application.

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How to use this feature on WhatsApp

Users can now simply hold the message that they want to react to and then drag their finger to the appropriate emoji. The reacting will be visible right below the text.

The good news is that this feature will be released real soon. You will be able to react to individual as well as group messages. Every person in the group chat will be able to see your reaction meaning that they will be able to see who reacted to the message and what emoji they shared.

Bottom line, is that this function will be exactly the same as in Messanger.

WhatsApp Emojis
WhatsApp Emoji List

Please note that this feature is in development. And it is possible for WhatsApp to introduce even more changes before it is made broadly available.

Even though the screen shot is taken from an iOS device it is confirmed that Android beta users will get the feature soon as well.

This is a follow up on the much anticipated “View Once” feature. It basically allows users to send a disappearing messages. In other words, after the user opens the message the app then deletes it. However, this feature has to be turned on individually (per individual chats and groups).

We are mentioning this feature as well, because WhatsApp is working on an application-wide disappearing mode.

Security Related Updates:


A lot of interesting things are coming out of the WhatsApp team. This one was in a high demand and the company listened to their users and it is now in development. Let’s see what more we will get.




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