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You are probably aware of this cloud video meetings app which has gained so much popularity in just a few days, claiming to be secure this app has been explicitly marked as unsafe by many and the government officials also. Here comes another strike…

The Sunday Times newspaper reported that over half a million user details were listed for sell on the dark web,

The logins were put up for sale at 1 pence (1.25 cents) each and were discovered and bought by cybersecurity intelligence company Cyble, the paper said. Cyble bought the logins from a Russian-speaking person on the Telegram messaging service, which allows anonymous messaging

The company has seen cases of pornography and is sued many times. Still a huge percentage of colleges and school use the app their so called classes. There are many safer (not 100% safe) ways available than these like Skype, Google classrooms, Microsoft teams and more but seems like they are lazy to understand how they work, and are more convenient to choose simplicity over privacy.




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