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The first crypto currency, Bitcoin, reached a record level of $ 9,322 this year. The crypto currency, which is quite inactive compared to last year, started to fluctuate with the news that companies such as Bitcoin and Facebook would produce crypto currency.

Bitcoin, the record level of $ 9322 after seeing the market volume of 164 billion 364 million dollars, 57.3 percent of the market formed. According to Bloomberg’s Fundstrat Global Advisors analysis, many crypto currencies are preparing for new gains and investors should buy. The rest of the note contained the following statements:

“Another upside attempt appears to be developing for most cryptocurrencies. Increase exposure,” Sluymer wrote. “We expect Bitcoin to stage another rally from current levels toward next resistance between $8,800-$9,000.”

The increase in Bitcoin also affected other currencies. While the upward movement was seen in 75 of the 100 large crypto currencies, the highest increase was seen in Maximine Coin with an increase of 18.99. As a result of the developments, the market volume of crypto currencies increased by 4.7% to 286 billion 446 million. The changes in the seven largest currencies in general are as follows:

  • Ethereum: %3,72
  • Ripple: %3,19
  • Litecoin: %1,93
  • Bitcoin Cash: %3,52
  • EOS: %6,19
  • Bitcoin SV: %1,14
  • Stellar: %1,41



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