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Elon Musk, who announced that he stopped using Twitter a few days ago, did not last long. As of today, Musk, who has resumed his shares, mixed the cryptocurrency community with Dogecoin shares. Dogecoin, which experienced a small pump, gained 50 percent in minutes.

Elon Musk’s posts started with a visual about his “to the moon”, which is loved by the cryptocurrency community. Immediately after this, Elon Musk, who wrote only “Dogecoin”, enabled this altcoin to appreciate 35 percent in just half an hour. The billionaire, who was not content with just this, also showed his support for Dogecoin with a visual he shared.

Elon Musk’s effort to pump Dogecoin wasn’t limited to that. Stating that Dogecoin is a crypto currency created for people, Musk stated that there is no need to be a “Gigachad” to buy this crypto money.

Pump and Dump

The altcoin, which was traded at 100 satoshi levels in the morning, first reached around 155 satoshi with Musk’s explanations, and then fell to 127 satoshi levels. It seems that Dogecoin will follow all investors during the day.




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