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Renault AIR4

Flying Car Renault AIR4 marks anniversary of classic car.

Renault AIR4
Renault AIR4

Sixty years ago was the first time Renault 4 hit the roads for the first time. This classic now gets an upgrade. The flying car Renault AIR 4 is an electric vehicle and a fully working model.

But one very different than the one from 1961. For starters, it doesn’t have wheels but it does have a drone like propellers.

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Renault AIR4 Specs

The body is built entirely of carbon fiber and carries 22,000 mAh battery. It can soar up to 2,300 feet (~700 meters). It can take off at 31 MPH (~50 kmh) and hit speeds of 58 MPH (~93 kmh). The battery puts out 90,000 mAh of total power. Thrust is given as 95 kg for a total lifting capacity of around 840 pounds (~380 kg).

This flying car did briefly fly, but it is destined to go on display at the Atelier Renault museum in Paris.

It’s predecessor was quite successful. It sold more than 8 million models over 30 years and across 100 countries. The last version was produced back in 1992.

Renault 4 - Now and Then

The company has plans to revive the model as the Renault 4ever EV in 2025.

Renault is playing on the nostalgia card. Much like other automakers. But unlike their competition Renault is taking that to a whole other level. Renault AIR4 is a literal flying car.

In a press release, Renault described the car as:

a wink to how this icon could look in another 60 years

Designed by TheArsenale agency built in France, this flying car is a true testimony of what Renault 4 meant, some 60 years ago.

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Flying Renault

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