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Fortnite is ready to release another update on June 18 (today), here is the official tweet…

While Epic Games officially said about this “New Beverage” we are not so sure about the “Flare Gun” yet. Here is a teaser for the Flare Gun which Fortnite revealed at the Celebrity Pro-Am.

Now, hold on a second,

Yes, so after the trailer, we were kind of sure of the Flare Gun but Nick Chester ( Epic Employee) said “NO“. There are mixed signals so we may get this soon or maybe not.

Now coming to the Chug Splash, here is how it looks.

We do not know what this Chug Splash does, but the update’s going to be out today so, we will discover. Also, this update will fix a lot of bugs, graphics issues, audio issues. Take a look at some of them (not confirmed).


There are probably more of them. What do you think about this update? Is there something more? Let us know.




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