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Sony shared statistics with players showing information such as how many hours PlayStation 4 users played games in total. A free PlayStation 4 dynamic theme was also released.

Sony has released statistics today that will allow PlayStation 4 players to see how well they are performing in 2020. You can find out how many hours you played, which games you played the most and how many achievements you have earned during the period we spent a whole year at our house by clicking this link.

Until March 2, 2021, you can access the graphics showing your game performance for 2020 from the link above. Also, if you are a PlayStation 4 player but purchased the PlayStation 5 console in the process, you can also access some general statistics of your experience on the new console.

Sony also created special graphics for some games this year, with all players accounted for. In these charts, where all PlayStation players are accounted for, you can see statistics such as the total number of enemies killed in Ghost Of Tsushima and the total play time of The Last Of Us Part II.

With the sharing of 2020 data, Sony also shared a new dynamic theme for PlayStation 4 users. The theme, which you can start using completely free of charge, was published under the name “PlayStation Shapes”. Covering your console in gray tones, the theme includes a moving triangle in the background.





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