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Robinhood’s Play Store page has also become the battleground of ‘angry investors’ after the shares of GameStop, whose shares have gone to flight with the recent stock market manipulations, were banned. More than 100 thousand negative comments were removed by Google.

There has been an incident on US stock markets in recent days that has not been seen before. Investors organized via Reddit sent GameStop’s shares higher. GameStop’s shares were then banned in applications where smaller investors, such as Robinhood and Webull, traded on the grounds that users were manipulating the market. Users who were ‘angry’ at this restriction showered the app with negative comments via the Play Store.

The app, which had about five stars on last Wednesday, dropped to one star on Thursday after more than 100 thousand comments in a row. Interpreting this situation as an ‘non-organic evaluation’, Google accepted that more than 100 thousand comments were removed. Then the app’s star rating rose to four again.

A Google spokesman said in a statement that the assessments were carried out ‘in a coordinated and non-organic way’ and that they had rules to stand against such steps. Google did not respond to the question of which aspect of this behavior of users who expressed their discomfort with the situation after the restrictions imposed by the app was considered ‘non-organic movement’.




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