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There is very little time left for Google Stadia. The cloud-based platform, which will bring a big innovation to the gaming world, was audited to gamers at Gamescom 2019. Google shared the first reactions of players on Google Stadia from Twitter.

In a few videos shared from @GoogleStadia Twitter account, Google seems to have found out what players think about the Google Stadia for the first time. The video is likely to be cropped because it is an official promotional video, and players who experience Google Stadia generally give positive feedback.

The first of the players in the video stated that the service offers a good experience and the game flow is good. Another player explained that the platform had a bright future and was as good as playing on a PC. Another player said that Google Stadia saved players from constant hardware updates and has great potential.

According to a user on Twitter, Mortal Kombat played at Google Stadia did not suffer enough delay to be noticed.





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