Phone Specifications

After the US government forbade Huawei from doing business with American companies, the company had to part ways with Android. Huawei’s response to this: HongMeng OS!

According to Huawei, the system developed since 2012 will be released at the end of this year. According to information from, HongMeng’s site, the new operating system supports mobile phones, computers, tablets, TVs and cars, and more. The operating system is designed for next-generation technology and is compatible with all Android and all web applications. If an Android application is recompiled, application performance is increased by more than 60% in the Huawei OS operating system.

Thanks to the open-source Ark compiler, all Android apps are available in the HongMeng system. And! Hongmeng OS Dev V1.0.1 system development version is about to go online…

Note: This site is not officially approved by Huawei. If you look at the photos and content used is very likely to be a fake site.




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