Phone Specifications

A few hours ago, several photos allegedly belonging to the Mi Band 5 were shared in Weibo. Several major tech sites reported these photos as “Mi Band 5 leaked”. Allegedly, the screen size was increased from 0.92 inches to 1.2 inches and the charger was renewed. When we look at the photo, it is not clear that the screen is enlarged. Another oddity is that the charger is exactly the same. We can say that the claim that the charger has been renewed and the screen size has grown is completely false. Maybe Mi Band 5 will come with these innovations, but these are not included in the published photos.

The device in the photos claimed to be Mi Band 5 is Mi Band 4. If we explain the photo, a Mi Band 4 connected to the Mi Band 3 charger. The original Mi Band 3 charger has a flat cable. But you can see that 3rd party manufacturers produce this cable as in the photo. Sample:

To date, there has not been a leak confirming the features and images of Mi Band 5 yet. Mi Band 5 is expected to be introduced in June or July. You can learn from our Telegram channel when there is a real leak.




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