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Minecraft has recently announced a graphics update that it will use beam tracking technology following its cancelled graphics update. A video was shared using the technology, although no clear release date was given for the update.

Microsoft, who met with Nvidia, recently said that players using Nvidia’s RTX graphics cards will experience a Minecraft experience using beam tracking technology as a free update. If no mode is installed, Minecraft has extremely simple graphics, and with the new graphics update, each light will be individually modeled.

As exemplified in the video below, when you look at a block of gold in the game, you see that only a yellow surface meets you. GeForce RTX makes certain improvements to this gold block, revealing light reflections in the block, light changes in the block, and shadows. The Nvidia team will also be developing images such as water and water reflections, so players will feel they are in a much more vibrant environment.

At this time, there is no date when the new graphics version of Minecraft will be released. People with Nvidia’s 2060, 2070 and 2080 cards will have the opportunity to experience the renewed Minecraft world. And, RTX card laptops will also be able to enjoy this technology.




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