Phone Specifications

Built for the Nintendo Switch, these game controls feature a headphone jack on them. Moreover, the keys on the controller also allow the sound control to be made.

Produced by PDP, these game controllers basically resemble Nintendo Switch’s original game controllers. In addition to the original controls, there is a headphone jack and volume control. With a choice of different colors, this game controller will be a popular choice for Nintendo Switch users.

The controller is available in purple, black, red and blue. It can also have a more diverse appearance with suitable coatings. The device is sold via PDP’s official website and Amazon. Sales via the PDP’s official website only cover the United States and Canada, but if the product is ordered through Amazon, delivery to most countries is available. If you want to have this Nintendo Switch game controller with headphone jack, you have to pay $ 24.99. If you would like to access the product’s Amazon page, you can use the link here.




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