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Sony has introduced a product that will work for hot summer days. The new product of the Japanese giant can be used to reduce or increase body temperature when placed on the collar of the garments.

The device, called “the Reon Pocket”, which cannot be seen externally when worn, will be placed on the neck of the person using it and will benefit from its thermoelectric effect, also known as Peltier.



The Peltier effect occurs when two surfaces with a temperature difference between them produce an electrical tensile force. Voltage is applied to the combined conductors to generate an electric current. The current flowing through the connections of the two conductors removes the heat over time on one side and cooling occurs.

On the other side, heat is accumulated and temperature increases occur. That’s why Sony’s wearable air conditioning can also actually be used to boost heat from cold winter days.

Reon pocket’s heat adjustment will be made with a mobile app over the phone, but Sony is considering adding an automated system for this process later. The air conditioner’s battery is capable of operating for around 2 hours on a single charge. To fill the battery, you will need to charge it for 2 hours with a USB-C cable.

So far, everything looks good, but the only problem at the moment is the availability. The Reon Pocket will be available in March 2020, but will only be sold in Japan for the time being. The price of the device is around 117 dollars.




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