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Despite being known for its smart phones, Xiaomi, a true consumer electronics company, is celebrating its 10th anniversary today. Xiaomi has become one of the largest smartphone manufacturers in the world in a few years.

10 – Xiaomi will never exceed a 5% profit margin

According to the statement made by Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun in April 2018, each Xiaomi brand product has a maximum profit rate of 5% and this will not change in the future.

9- Xiaomi spent $ 3.6 million to buy a domain name

Xiaomi paid a full $ 3.6 million domain name to change the official website from “” to “” in 2014. Considering that it is difficult for users outside the China region to pronounce the Xiaomi name, the company generally uses its global name as Mi.

8- Xiaomi enters Guinness World Records by selling millions of items in one day

Xiaomi reached the highest sales figure on a platform in 2015 and entered the Guinnes World Records. Within the scope of 11.11 discounts, 2.112.010 devices were sold within 24 hours. This record was previously in a company called Tmall, which sold 1,894,867 sales.

7- Spyware was found in Xiaomi phones in 2014.

Chinese telephones have faced various spying charges from time to time. Finally, Huawei accused of espionage by the US government has been subjected to various sanctions in some countries. Xiaomi was charged similarly in 2014.

Spyware was found in the Redmi Note and Redmi 1S models released by Xiaomi in 2014. The software seen on devices activated in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan was later cleared from Xiaomi phones. The company’s reputation for security is much better nowadays than before.

6- Xiaomi produces phones that appeal to everyone

Xiaomi produces phones in many series, and each series appeals to another audience. For example, while the Mi series has high hardware and price, the Redmi A series has much lower hardware and a cheaper price. It also has series like for battery, for game, for camera.

5- Xiaomi produces many kinds of products.

Many people know the Xiaomi brand through smartphones, headphones and Powerbank. In addition to these, there are also smart light bulbs, smart robot brooms and strange products such as rice cookers, travel pillows, suitcases, beds and ballpoint pens.

4- China’s Apple

Xiaomi is described by many as China’s Apple. Xiaomi, which maintains a similar dominance in China to Apple’s dominance in the United States, follows a similar line to Apple with its product and store designs.

3- Xiaomi, meaning small rice

Consisting of a combination of the words “Xiao” meaning small and “mi” meaning rice, Xiaomi also reveals the company’s goal of “start with the little things before aiming for the top.”

2- Xiaomi the 3rd largest mobile phone manufacturer

Xiaomi managed to sneak into third place of the top smartphone makers in February 2020, beating Huawei for the first time ever. However, Xiaomi came to the 3rd place with a small margin. Delivery between Xiaomi and Huawei is only 500,000 different. While Xiaomi delivered 6 million deliveries in this period, Huawei delivered 5.5 million deliveries and was replaced by Xiaomi.

1- Xiaomi logo has multiple meanings

The logo, which looks like a simple Mi script, is seen by some people as an abbreviation of Mission Impossible. However, it also has another meaning. The Chinese character (心) that appears when you reverse the logo means heart. This can be seen as an indication of the love for Xiaomi users.





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