Phone Specifications

iPhone XR and Samsung Galaxy S10 devices such as the is leak before the introduction of the design Ghostek, iPhone 11 also shared the design.

So far, all the iPhone 11 leaks were showing this design. According to this share from the trusted sources, these leaks have been verified. Ghostek, the popular smartphone case manufacturer, said the iPhone 11 design has been approved by highly trusted sources and has begun to produce cases for the new flagship. In addition, Ghostek shared the three-dimensional visuals of the iPhone 11 cases, revealing the design of both the cases and the iPhone 11.

The case designed by Ghostek for the iPhone 11 is called Atomic Slim3. If we think that Ghostek also introduced the designs of the iPhone XR introduced last year and the Galaxy S10 introduced this year, we can say that you can rely on these designs.




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