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According to information obtained from sectoral sources, Samsung will simplify the box contents of the Galaxy S series phones. Allegedly, the company will not put wired headphones and chargers on its upcoming flagship phone, just like Apple.

US-based technology giant Apple recently announced its new flagship phones. Although phones have features that will satisfy consumers, box content has been talked about more than devices. Apple, in its statements on the subject, announced that there will be no charger and wired headphones in the box, and it attracted the reaction of consumers. The claims that the South Korean technology giant Samsung will take such a step have been confusing.

After the announcement of the iPhone 12, Samsung shared a social media account and made fun of the box content of the iPhone 12 family. A recent report from South Korea reveals that this may indeed exist, and Samsung will simplify the box contents with the Galaxy S30 / S21 series.

According to allegations based on people working in the industry, Samsung will not ship chargers and wired headphones with the new Galaxy S series phones, which are likely to be released in early 2021. Whether such a claim is true is currently unknown.

It seems unlikely that Samsung will make such a move after making fun of Apple. However, they can make such a move due to the price policy. Because when you reduce the box and contents of the product, material and transportation costs will decrease. This means that the new flagship phone can be sold at a more competitive price.





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