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Google Play’s Best Apps of 2021

As another years draws to an end, it’s time to get an overview of the best Apps of 2021. Google just announced the list called Best of 2021 on Monday. The way applications got picked up by Google was based on celebrating “apps and games that made positive contributions to culture this year”.

Best Apps of 2021
Best Apps of 2021

But it is not only Google who selected the winners in their respective categories. Google Play users were also able to make selections for their favorite apps and games of the year.

It is a breakdown of the top apps and games for tablets, Wear OS and Google TV.

According to Google Play:

Apps focused on personal growth were in high demand in 2021

Which means that this trend of applications focused on personal growth were most demanded in 2021 as well as 2020.

Winner Apps Breakdown

Drum Roll please…

The best app in 2021 is Balance a personalized meditation and sleep program.

The best game in 2021 is Pokemon Unite

Users chose Paramount Plus as the best app in 2021 and Garena Free Fire Max as the best game of the year.

Laughspace is another favorite that presents a comedic relaxation app. Calm an app for meditation and sleep was among the top apps of the year.

In the “best apps for good” category: EmpathMentor Space and Speechify dominated the space.

TechInDeep News:

Here are the Best Apps of 2021 that topped Google Play’s picks


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