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Being able to capture, annotate and record streaming content is a life-changing addition to your everyday experiences. Using screen recording software in your business not only adds to its value, but also enhances your learning experience by expanding opportunities. Moreover, it makes it easier for you to share key moments from your day-to-day information, videos, and audio with others. A reliable screen recorder makes everything easy, regardless of what purpose you’re recording for.

You can further enhance your experience by using software that comes with a variety of robust built-in features. As a business owner, it undoubtedly makes it easier to stay organized and share crucial information with clients. Being able to play, pause, and save the desired moments from the videos and audio sounds super fun and convenient when life is all about rushing and hustling.

Getting your hands on effective screen recording software will surely pay you off in the long run and make things a lot easier.

How To Record Streaming Audio In High Quality For Free?

Now that experts have successfully brought forward effective software, it’s even easier to record streaming audio now. The process is convenient and can be followed even if you’re a newbie and do not know much about recording audio. Here’s how to record streaming audio like a pro with a bare minimum of knowledge.

Use iTop Screen Recorder to Record Streaming Audio

With an intuitive and versatile set of features, the iTop Screen Recorder makes the most suitable fit for you to record streaming audio. The recorder features incredible features to make the process smooth and user-friendly. iTop is exclusively designed to make a convenient solution for those who lack any kind of prior experience. Multiple mind-blowing features of iTop Screen Recorder include:

  • High-quality screen recording
  • Convenient to record streaming audio
  • A user-friendly customization interface
  • Hassle-free video editing
  • Record gameplay
  • Schedule recording

Get your hands on iTop today to add a dimension to your experience with video streaming, business management, gameplay, and a lot more.

How To Download And Install

Now that you’ve made up your mind to get your hands on this incredible screen recorder with marvelous potential to add value to your experience, let’s move forward.

The free version makes a watermark appear on your recording. Also, remember that you can attain access only if you’re a windows user.

Here’s how you can proceed with an effective, convenient, and hassle-free downloading process.

Step 1

Begin with opening up the internet browser on your device and make sure to be connected to a good internet network. Open to download the screen recorder for PC.

As soon as you see a Free Download button, click on it and proceed with the downloading process.

itop screen recorder

Step 2

Right after the completion of the downloading procedure, you can easily install iTop Screen Recorder on your device. Launch it and proceed with picking an area of recording according to your needs.

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How to Use the “Record audio” and Get the Recording Savings

Recording the audio and then saving it requires a convenient process without having you go through any hassle. You can even enjoy the features if you’re new to it.

Step 1

Right after picking the “record audio” feature from the menu, you can start recording by clicking on the red record button. If you find it more feasible to use the keys, press the F9 key instead.

Record Audio

Step 2

Now it’s time to save the recorded audio followed by editing and then posting or sending as you may desire. The right click of your mouse helps explore further options. Find your recordings in the My Creations section.

audio recorder

How To Use iTop’s Built-in Video Editor To Edit Audio And Video Recordings

iTop offers robust video and audio recording with several features. You can even import existing files to your recordings to make them interesting with iTop.

Drag the video or audio left or right and use the features to edit your recordings. After this, make sure to save the edited version.

What Else Can You Record With Itop Screen Recorder

iTop never ties you down to a few options, you always have a huge room of options to pick and explore with iTop. Here’s what else you can enjoy with iTop.

Streaming Music

The greater the options, the better it is. iTop Screen Recorder makes it practically possible to capture your favorite parts of the music you love through the iTop audio recorder feature without having to go the extra mile. You can now use the features to record audio and share it with people after editing it according to your aesthetics.

PC Screen Videos

Now record your presentations, tutorials, and gameplay without having to invest in fancy equipment with the best screen recorder for PC. Be it for learning purposes or those corporate ones, we know how important it is to be able to record PC screen videos. You can now easily record the screen for teaching or learning purposes. Even if you’re trying to share some precious information with the clients, the feature can undoubtedly do wonders for you.

This life-changing software helps you get everything at your fingertips with user-friendly operating mechanisms.

Record From Camera

Record live camera video with an incredible webcam recording feature from iTop. Just allow access to the webcam and enjoy unlimited recording without any hindrance or hassles. This can help you record presentations and tutorials of your own which can be edited and posted later. The features prove to be quite promising especially if you’re a content creator.

Final Word

With the marvelous features of iTop, now it’s a lot easier to record streaming audio. The experts exclusively put together software that addresses all your requirements while streaming audio. Never miss out on anything with the high-definition audio recording features of iTop. Make the best use of your audio by editing it according to your requirements whenever you want. Get your hands on an iTop screen recorder today to experience the best audio recording experiences for free.




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