Phone Specifications

Twitter user coinX, renowned for his leakage information about iPhones, said in a tweet this morning that one of the new iPhone 11 models might have a “Pro” supplement at the end. One week before the launch of the iPhone XS series, coinX predicted the exact weight and the default wallpaper.

This Tweet does not specify the full name of the device. It just says it would be a “Pro” nick. The 3-camera model can be iPhone Pro or Apple can rename Max and call it Pro. However, it is certain that a device will have a Pro in every case.

According to Apple, the new iPhones will have a lot of hardware innovation. Advanced camera sensors, more RAM capacity and larger battery. According to the leaked design images, we already know that the new iPhones will have 3 cameras. It also features the new iPhone with a 7-nanometer A13 processor and new antennas for two-way wireless charging. This allows users to easily charge their AirPods by placing them on the back of the iPhone.

All of this remains at the “rumor” stage for now. We will learn all about the device at the launch next month. iPhone 11 is expected to be introduced on September 20, 2019.




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