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Confessions of a Tech Recruiter

Since I can remember about myself, I was always a talkative and babbly kid. I usually loved to hang out with my family and friends every day. Who knew that one day this crazy little skill might come in handy.

Skipping the details and moving fast forward many years later, I deeply knew that after finishing high school my college path would be linguistic, or in other words learning English language, literature and history (I grew up watching no subtitled Cartoon Network and movies). So, here is my personal story why and how I become a full-time tech recruiter.

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How I become a full-time tech recruiter

After I graduated and got my diploma the next logical move was to find a job that would fit me.

About the recruitment and the whole recruiting process I heard from friends, and I read some articles how, why, the importance, etc. This caught my attention and seemed like something I would enjoy working every day from 9 to 5. And it did, my career started 7 years ago in one little start-up company where I did research, recruitment, finding out tools to help me with the recruiting, and what not. So, the question is – why recruitment?

Why Recruitment?

Recruiting itself is a dynamic process for each company individually, which must be made properly in timely, costly and quality manner. It has few stages from planning, analyzing, searching, screening, engaging, selecting and onboarding new person to their new job. It can be quite fun, fulfilling but also responsible position. In addition, personally, I had to make few adaptations and learn and enter the tech world so I would become a successful Tech Recruiter.

I had to be precise and be up to date with tech trends, learn what is software development and the whole software development life cycle in order to be familiar with the tech positions and technologies that I worked on at that time. It was a bit challenging to understand the basics of the technologies since I am not a technical person nor by nature or by university degree.

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The Key to a successful career

Communication is the key, they say – this is true, since the nature of the position is being around people. Surprisingly sometimes the day-to-day tasks are just meets and discussions, or just hanging out. One of the greatest things was the assistance I got from the tech people and developers around me that really helped me grow in this field (I was just lucky, I guess).

There is so much more to talk about the technologies and the process of the recruitment, they are inexhaustible sources of information. I hope that I managed to somehow transfer my experience and my points of view for this topic on some strange and crazy order.

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Final Words

All in all, as from my last piece of mind, the recruiter profession is so energetic, which encourages thinking out of the box strategies, certainly beautiful in so many ways, and in fact, in high demand these days. You will always learn new ways on how to avoid repetition, make work fun, and best practices how to make smart moves on hiring demand. The analytics, research, speed will be your best friends. If this little article sparkled something in you, then let recruitment be.





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