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The technology and telecommunications industry is preparing for a new era of wireless, which will set the stage for a futuristic modern society where it will facilitate economic opportunities.

5G technology is introduced as a tool that will provide better wireless speed for mobile users and bring new innovations to devices connected to the Internet. But after the exciting news for the next generation Internet, there is worrying news about the risks. Some of these worrying reports on the 5G network have already been approved by researchers, scientists, and doctors, making this problem more serious.

5G technology will be used to connect all electrical devices to the internet.

Is the 5G network really dangerous to humans and other living things?

Before answering these questions, let’s get to know the 5G a little bit first.

Speed: Internet speed on smartphones is important for everyone. You can easily watch 1080p video with 4G Internet network. In theory, the 5G network speed is about 1000 times faster than the 4G network speed. Users on the 5G network can easily view 4K videos or have 100 GB / s bandwidth

Noise: The 5G network may use frequency that does not affect other devices. 4G and 3G networks do not have this condition and therefore we see interference in the network. In the 5G network, using a different frequency that has not yet been used can prevent noise. This allows users to have faster access.

On the other hand, unlike the 4G network tower that emits 360 degrees, the 5G antennas have orientation. This reduces interference with other signals in the area.

Delay: The distance between the source and the target of the signal is called the “air latency”. In the 5G network, the signal is delayed by approximately 1-4 millisecond, while in the 4G network, the delay time is calculated as approximately 50 milliseconds. Air latency, has many advantages for the healthcare industry, air transport and fast responding industries. We need to wait and see how much 5G network air latency will actually be.

With the start of 5G network development, public acceptance was positive. However, there were concerns about the adoption of the next generation network. Some say, for example, that 5G network tests have killed hundreds of birds in the Netherlands. Others, however, dont believe such a mistake and reject such concerns. Some people worried about 5G because the 5G frequency has a very high frequency (wavelength or mmWave) between 30 GHz and 300 GHz.

Due to its high frequency characteristics, 5G network waves cannot be spread over long distances, such as 4G waves. Therefore, 5G antennas should be placed close to each other. However, we should remember that 5G antennas take up less space than telecommunication towers. However, the main issue is not to discuss the location and size of the antennas.

Companies working on wireless networks and some government agencies, such as CDC and EPA, guarantee users that radiation from 5G networks is completely harmless. However, more than 215 scientists from 40 different countries have asked the United Nations to take immediate action to address the issue of the electromagnetic radiation hazard of the “High Speed Internet Network (5G)”.

Dr. Martin Paul, a professor of biochemistry at Washington State University, pointed out, in other words, the increased biological and health effects of 5G radiation and applied to the FCC to address this issue. Paul believes that 5G radiation can cause blindness, hearing loss, skin cancer, male infertility and thyroid problems in the long term. In 2016, Armenian researchers found that a 5G microwave environment delayed the growth of single-celled organisms and could increase resistance to antibiotics in some bacteria.

So are 5G network and mmWave waves harmful to our health?

According to a study by experts and research institutes, it is still unclear whether 5G mmWave waves are a hazardous health hazard. It is certain that further research is needed to make a definitive explanation. 5G technology is entering our lives quickly and it is not an easy task to block it. Too many measures can be taken to protect against the harm caused by technology and radiation to body and mental health. Protect yourself and nature …




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