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The Chinese company has signed contracts with more than 50 countries for 5G technologies despite US pressures. 28 of the countries Huawei has agreed to 5G technology are from Europe. At the beginning of July, Huawei announced that it had invested $ 3.1 billion in Italy.

Huawei, which is forbidden to install 5G technologies in USA, Canada and New Zealand, has just entered the Russian market. Huawei has announced an agreement with MTS, one of Russia’s leading Internet and mobile providers, to develop 5G networks. He also contacted several Russian technology companies to create joint ventures and use technologies. The US has blacklisted Huawei’s 5G technology, citing national security risks, and in return, Huawei said they are ready to make a “spy” deal with any country.

Huawei, which is officially ambitious after such sanctions, continues to accelerate its activities and takes important steps in introducing 5G technology to countries.

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