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The Launch of Truth Social

Truth Social is a type of social media platform founded by the former president of the United States of America. The application was officially launched on February 21, 2022. And It was founded on October 20, 2021, by non other than Donald Trump.

The owner of this brand new social media platform is Trump Media & Technology Group. Currently it can only be accessed from the United States and Canada via iOS app. Registration is required.

But, before we dive into details, let’s see what caused Donald Trump to create this platform.

Truth Social Donald Trump
Truth Social

Why Truth Social

Following the 2021 United States Capitol attack in May 2021, the former US president Donald Trump was banned from Facebook and Twitter. The tech giants suspended his social media accounts, pointing to their rules against inciting violence. So, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube barred him from speaking in three of the most influential forums of our time.

Did these tech giants made the right call? Well, that depends. And it depends on how you feel about Donald Trump. But, the bigger question is “did they censor him?”.

See, this may well not be so much about Donald Trump, as much as the power big tech to control power of speech. The big question still lingers. Under which circumstances this type of censorship is justified? Well, the answers aren’t straightforward.

As a result, Donald Trump stated that he wants to “stand up to the tyranny of Big Tech”.

Donald Trump Reach

Donald Trump Portrait
Donald Trump

Why would Trump want his own social network? Before he was permanently banned he had an astonishing numbers. He had 90 million followers on Twitter. 34 million followers on Facebook.

And he used that social media power to the maximum. Donald Trump loved posting on the internet. He would tweet over 30 times a day on average. Even after he was banned, they were unable to silence him. He would go on a social media type of rant on a short-lived blog, where he would post Twitter like updates.

So, why would he walk away from the millions of followers? Donald Trump believes that he can once again take control over the conversation and move those followers to Truth Social.






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Truth Social a sneak peek

It seems like Truth Social is a direct clone of Twitter. This doesn’t come as a surprise, given that it was the social media network of choice for Trump, before he was kicked off the platform.

Currently you can access the Truth Social by downloading the application on Apple App Store. Not surprisingly, the app ranks on #1 spot for free downloads. But, most users can’t get into the app.

Most of the interested users are put on a waitlist. With the rising number of waitlisted supporters, it is important to note that there is a possibility that this might take long since the Truth Social App plans to be fully operational by the end of March.

In less than 3 hours, over 85k users are in the queue to join Truth Social. And the number of Trump’s social media app supporters is still growing.

Our first impression was that this platform would present mostly news. But that is not the case. It is a proper social media application. You can follow different people who are talking about different things.

Truth Social Screenshots
Truth Social

A post is called “Truth”. This means that you can only see truths only from the people you follow. But, you may also see a “Re-truth”, which means a repost. You can see re-truths from people you don’t follow, only if the person you do follow re-truths such post.

Users will be able to comment on truths as well. You can also upload pictures, videos or even shoot a video as well. Some of the rumors state that Truth Social would like to concentrate on original content. That is why the platform would allow you to shoot a video right from the application itself.

If you want to share some content, on the right lower portion of the screen, there is a “wand” button. By clicking this button you can share a truth with your followers.

When scrolling down through your truths feed, the experience is very sleek. Very seamless. But, when you click on a page or person and you want to view their profile, there is a little bit of a lag time.

If you substitute truth with tweet and re-truth with re-tweet, it will sound very familiar. It is fine that this platform looks and feels a lot like Twitter. But the biggest pros about this social media platform right now is the claim that you won’t be censored.

Truth Social promises that it won’t censor the opinions of their users.

echInDeep News:

Truth Social Censorship
Truth Social promises that it will not censor their users

The application also allows you to search for people. Once the search comes up you will be suggested to follow different type of profiles. Just by glancing over the recommendations, you will notice that this is not just a political platform.

You can also search for a certain hashtag, or you can search for a truth.

So we did search for Donald Trump just to test this feature. And it worked as expected. The interesting thing we did notice is that the former president of the United States of America has 13.4k followers. Our best guess is that most of the people currently active on the platform are his fans.

Next to his profile picture there is a red circle with a white tick inside of it. We think this is just a verification icon just as other social media platforms have implemented.

If you look for the profile of NFL for example, there is no verification badge. This is because it is only showing something like an RSS feed at the moment. It seems like there is no one behind this or other popular profiles. They are just bots.

Trump has only one post on Truth Social which states:

Get Ready! Your favorite President will see you soon!

Truth Social More Screen Shots


Truth Social is the newest social media platform founded by Donald Trump. It looks and feels a lot like Twitter, so you will have no problem navigating through it. Just because it was founded by Trump, Truth Social is not a political platform. Anyone can join in and share their opinion.

On the technical side of things, this application does exactly what you expect from any other social media platform. You can sign up, create profile, share a truth, comment, upload pictures and videos and of course, follow other people or pages.

The scroll through the news feed was seamless but when navigating onto another profiles we did experience a small lag. Hopefully they will fix that.

But, the biggest takeaway from our experience on the platform is that Truth Social is not going to censor users.

But, as we are writing this article, Truth Social already applied their first ban. The platform has already banned a parody account that claimed it was founder Devin Nunes’ cow.

Take a look at this video:





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