Phone Specifications

Huawei Mate 40 mockups have been created based on various patents and leaks, and they look like Huawei will continue to innovate, although putting form over function.

Mate 40 Mockups Mate 40 Renders


The phone will likely boast a futuristic design with a 120 Hz “waterfall display” that curves 90°. The buttons will likely be primary software, excluding the power button which will be placed similarly to the Mate 30, although something like haptic feedback will likely be used. The display’s edges will likely be used for extra buttons and more functionality like the Mi Mix Alpha. There will likely be a notch too, although smaller than last year.


The camera system is also getting an upgrade, with a quad-camera setup that includes a 108MP sensor as it’s main. In addition to this, a periscope lens will be included and a new freeform lens. This lens is said to aid in reducing wide-angle distortion while being slimmer. The lens might be exclusive to the Mate 40 Pro.

Mate 40 Camera


Due to supply chain issues, the Mate 40 will likely be released in Q4 2020 at earliest, although the press announcement may be in Q3 or Q4 as it has been in previous years.




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