Phone Specifications
There is a lot of rumors and news on the internet about Huawei Indisplay Camera phone but now this time it seems that this dream will come true. Some brands have previously shown their own Indisplay camera phones. Last year, Oppo and Xiaomi have already shown Indisplay camera phones, but both companies failed to completely hide their front camera in the display. Also, this year, Vivo launched Vivo Apex 2020, the first smartphone with fully hidden camera under the display and the first smartphone to feature a gimbal camera. The next company which will soon join this category is Huawei and Samsung.
BOE display prototype
“The International Display Technology and Application Innovation Exhibition” (DIC EXPO 2020) opened in Shanghai, China on June 22 and will run till June 24. At the event, Chinese display manufacturer BOE Technologies has unveiled several innovative display technologies and solutions such as flexible AMOLED, Mini-LEDs, and under-screen cameras. Yesterday BOE showcased a flexible screen solution phone that integrates an under-screen camera and also supports under-screen 3D face unlocking, but interestingly, the camera UI on the device that was on the showcase is similar to the Huawei EMUI camera UI. This means that the Huawei indisplay camera phone is ready and the device that was there was a prototype of the Huawei indisplay camera phone and Huawei will use the BOE display in its Indisplay camera.
Last year, during an advertisement by Huawei an image had spotted that have In-display camera and waterfall display. Later(this year) Huawei filled two patent for indisplay camera and waterfall display. All these things show that Huawei indisplay camera phone will come soon. According to reports quoting sources, next year at the Mobile World Congress, Huawei will showcase the device which will have an indisplay camera with a waterfall display.



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