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Humanoid Robot with the Most Realistic Facial Expressions

Today we are bringing you an interesting, but also a little bit scary story. The protagonist is a humanoid robot called Ameca.

Herbert Televox was the first humanoid robot. It was built in the early 1927 and it looked something like this.

The First Robot
Herbert Televox

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Humanoid Robot Ameca

Today, a company based in the UK has developed the most amazing humanoid. Imagine a robot that can display human expressions with ease. The robot is called Ameca and it was built by Engineered Arts.

This video is going viral because of the way this machine displays a series of incredibly human-like facial expressions.

The video is very nicely thought out. At first Ameca wakes up and it is confused. It displays a realistic array of emotion. Going from confusion to frustration until it opens its eyes.

Then it focuses on its hands and arms. As the robot brings its hand closer for observation, it opens its mouth in awe. Followed by raised eyebrows, Ameca looks in amazement.

The video ends with a scene where the robot sees the viewer. It gasps in an awe, and continues its observation. In the last couple of moments of the video, Ameca smiles and extends a welcoming hand towards the viewer.

Engineered Arts says that the bot doesn’t walk. They do plan to add that ability sometime in the future. Currently they are focused on doing the ultra realistic bodies and nothing else.

TechInDeep News:

Meet Mesmer, Another Humanoid Robot

There is one other bot created by the company that caught our attention. Meet Mesmer.

Because of its life like skin, this bot is ultra realistic and more convincing. The way they are able to replicate human expression is by using 3D scans of actual humans. As a result, it gives the bot an accurate bone structure, skin texture and lifelike facial expressions.

Ameca is powered by Tritium OS. This operating system is specially built to allow companies engaged in development of robotics to test their technologies. So Ameca is just a platform that will be used to test more robotic technologies.

It is too bad that Engineered Arts only focuses on creating humanoid robots for entertainment. Imagine combining the life like features of Mesmer into a Boston Dynamics bots?

Anyway, if you want to see Ameca in real life, you can check it out at CES 2022 in January

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