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Instagram is about to have a new feature coming soon. Jane Manchun Wong, who has researched new features to be added to apps and has a solid track record, has revealed the future of the green screen feature.

Green screen technology, which is commonly used in cinema and television, can be explained simply by adding another image in front of the selected background image. With this new feature to be added to Instagram, if you activate the green screen feature in the stories section, you will be able to add the desired image behind your own image.

Source: https://twitter.com/wongmjane/status/1154829424052723713

However, this feature of Instagram can only be used in photos now. In the coming period, it may be possible to play the desired video in the background. Although Instagram has not made a statement on the subject, the new feature is expected to be released when the tests are over.

According to the application researcher, Instagram is also working on AR effects.




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