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A developer has announced that it broke the first beta of Apple’s new operating system iOS 13, with an image shared on Twitter.

Smartphone users want to use all the features of their phones in an active and more efficient way regardless of their operating systems. However, technology companies are limiting phones for various reasons. Apple users hope a jailbreak will be released after each update to release the power of the iPhone and give them access to more applications and customization options. This wait did not take long for iOS 13 users.

A developer using the @sparkey username on Twitter said he used the jailbreaked version of iOS 13 on his iPhone 8. Sparkey, who supported his claim with a photo, showed his iPhone with iOS 13 Beta and Cydia.

Jailbreaking an iOS version in the early days is surprising, but keep in mind that this is a Beta. The jailbreak method, which has not yet been released to the public, can be blocked before all models have an iOS 13 update. Apple will patch the operating system vulnerabilities before the Stable release. Sparkey thinks that with the release of the stable version of iOS 13, he can break it.







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