Phone Specifications

I know everyone has read that there is a lot of breaking news lately about iPhone 12. Many reports have stated that Apple will release the regular version of the iPhone 12 to further reduce its cost. According to old reports, the iPhone 12 model will use the BOE screen and addiction to the Samsung OLED screen will be further reduced, South Korean media has posted a new title and wrote that the iPhone 12 will be equipped with the Samsung OLED screen as standard.

The only thing that can be verified right now is that the iPhone 12 series can have four versions, 5.4 inches (1 model), 6.1 inches (2 models) and 6.7 inches (1 model). The differences are screen size, memory capacity, number of cameras, battery capacity, etc. there will be features. According to previous reports, the iPhone 12 series will use the BOE screen, while the iPhone 12 Pro series will use Samsung OLED screens.

With the impact of the global epidemic, smartphone sales fell sharply and it was confirmed that the iPhone 12 series would be delayed. Apple’s 14-series chips are not yet officially manufactured, so according to well-known analysts, the iPhone 12 is expected to be released in December this year.


To further increase the competitiveness of the iPhone 12, Apple put Samsung OLED display on all models. This means that the BOE OLED screen will not be used on any model. In addition, the use of the BOE OLED display by brands such as Huawei creates an environment where war is heated. To summarize, if the sources are correct, the Samsung OLED screen will be standard across the entire iPhone 12 series.




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