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Lock Your Picture and Videos Folder on Google Photos

Sometime in June, Google introduced the “Locked Folder” feature within the Google Photos application. Initially the company decided to roll out this upgrade only for Pixel devices.

Google just started pushing out the feature to non-Pixel devices. The first smartphones to get this new upgrade are Samsung and OnePlus devices.

Google Photos Locked

The Idea Behind a Locked Folder

Google Photos is one of the most popular mobile application when it comes down to storing and organizing your photos and videos. This app also allows the user to share multimedia files with others as well. Up until now, anyone could navigate to the app and view your personal files.

This is because, all photos and videos would pop up in your main photo feed. The need for a little more privacy is obvious here. If there are photos or videos you don’t want anyone else to see, then you were out of luck. Also Google Photos would sync all your files to the cloud. This is yet another strike to your privacy as well.

How does the “Locked Folder” feature work?

The “Locked Folder” feature will allow the user to protect photos and videos by putting them in a passcode or biometrics-locked folder on your device. As a result, those files will not be displayed on to the main photo feed. Better yet, Google Photos will also keep them off the cloud.

Only you can view what you have stored into that folder. The feature won’t allow you to share, screenshot or screen record any of the contents. If you want to share, then you can simply remove the file out of the locked folder.

Because those files will not be backed to the cloud, it is worth mentioning that if you uninstall Google Photos, or wipe your device without backing up your files, they will be deleted.

Feature Availability

If you are a proud owner of a Google Pixel Android phone, then I suggest you to check out this right away. Chances are, you already have the upgrade.

The feature should be available to phones running Android 6 or later. But, iOS users will also get it. Most probably the iOS update of Google Photos will be released early next year.

How to access the “Locked Folder” feature?

This update is still rolling out. You might have it, or you might not, but eventually you will get it. If you are curios to see if this feature is available for your device then you need to head into Google Photos, then tap the Library tab, from there navigate on Utilities and scroll down and check if you have the Locked Folder option.

If you have it, then you can simply activate it. If you don’t and you are on the latest Google Photos app, well it seems that this option will appear after a sever-side update is applied on the Google Play Services Network. So give it a few more days for this feature to reach your smartphone.

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If you are one of the lucky ones, to have access to this feature, I highly suggest taking a minute or two to set up your Locked Folder on Google Photos. You just might find the feature very useful when you are storing photos of your ID, driver’s license or anything too sensitive to be floating around.

When using this Locked Folder feature on Google Photos you can rest assured that all your private photos are less likely to be compromised.

Finally you can keep your Google Photos safe from prying eyes, even if you don’t own a Pixel device.




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