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Xiaomi has released a health app with general features under the name Mi Health with MIUI 11. However, this application is available regionally. The application, published with MIUI 11, has simple features such as pedometer, menstrual tracking. With the newly released Beta version, the design of the application has changed completely and gained new features. Now the homepage looks much simpler and cleaner. The most important feature of it is sleep tracking. The sleep tracking feature will be loved by users, but if you don’t have a watch that can track health like Mi Band, it won’t work correctly.

You can view your sleep patterns daily, weekly and monthly. You can also track how many days you sleep well, little and more, and at what time you sleep / wake up. Mi Health’s new features are expected to be released with MIUI 12. There is no final date yet.


You can access the application from our Telegram channel.


  1. New Material Design homepage is simple and clear;
  2. Great upgrade of sleep detection function;
  3. The new version of the sleep page;
  4. Enhancement of motion detection capability;
  5. The sports module supports access to the steps and sports record data of the Xiaomi watch data source;
  6. The new revision of the weight module supports recording and displaying body composition data;
  7. Support Dark Mode;
  8. Adapted without obstacles;
  9. Smooth animations.



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