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Xiaomi’s latest software for mobile devices, MIUI 11, was released in September last year. Since the release of MIUI 11, Xiaomi has continued to develop its software with great speed. Many of these new features will be released with MIUI 11.1. However, the testing process of the new animations is just beginning. So these features will be released with MIUI 11.2. But you don’t have to worry because MIUI 11.1 has a lot of improvements. You can read these features from our other articles.

New Weather App Improvements

The weather interface will be optimized with the new MIUI update. Multi-city view mode is now more appealing to the eye. The white background has been replaced by weather mode. The 5-day weather area now supports 15 days of weather. Background changed in the same way.

New MIUI 11.2 Animations

Before playing the video, we have a new detail that catches our eye. In full-screen gestures mode, an Android 10-style bar is added to the navigation section. This bar is liked by some users but not welcome by some users. Xiaomi will add a setting to close this bar. When we watched the video, the innovation that attracted the most attention was the animation of the latest applications. The latest applications from the bottom now come from the left. Although not fully understood, the application opening animation seems to be optimized. If you ask me, the new animation style of the latest applications is a bit eye-catching. You can specify in the comments what you think.

Other Interface Improvements

The notification style changed when the charge drops below 20%.




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