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Xiaomi will soon release many enhancements to MIUI 11, the mobile software that it attaches great importance to. Some of these enhancements also bring new features to the Gallery app. Xiaomi, the world’s 4th largest smartphone manufacturer, seems to be giving great importance to its software in 2020. Offering software between Android and iOS, Xiaomi promises to update its MIUI software every 2-3 months. New MIUI 11.1 update, which will be released soon, has 3 new features to add to the Gallery app. One of them is interface optimization.

New Album Interface

The albums, which previously had a listed interface, now have a grid style. This allows you to view many more albums. In addition, the automatically created “Contacts, Locations, Tags” albums in the Gallery app are now in a new tab. Below is a comparison of the old and the new style.

Recently Deleted (Trash)

Most manufacturers now have a trash in their Gallery app. This allows you to restore a deleted photo back to the phone within a specified time. Xiaomi has listened to user feedback, adding this feature to their phone with MIUI 11.1.

New Sky filters

Changing the sky with MIUI 11 is one of the most admired features by users. When you select a photo in the Gallery application, you can apply filters to change the sky. Offering 6 filter options with MIUI 11, Xiaomi plans to increase this number to at least 10 with its new update. New filters include Snowfall, bluish clouds and double rainbows.

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