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The latest version of MIUI, the most popular customized interface in the Android world, was released on April 27. Xiaomi continues to make MIUI improvements to maintain its popularity and to the satisfaction of its customers. Many innovations that will come in MIUI 12.1 are being tested in Beta. Some features whose interface and animations have not been adapted to MIUI 12 will be corrected with MIUI 12.1.

MIUI 12.1 Innovations

New fingerprint animations

Most new phones now come with an under-screen fingerprint. Xiaomi has added new fingerprint animations to make MIUI 12 more customizable by users. You can also get more animation from Themes app.

New Animations:

Secure Keyboard

When entering your password, others can see the combination order even if they don’t see the numbers. Xiaomi eliminates this situation by adding a very effective feature. The order of numbers changes every time you open and close the lock screen. This makes it impossible for others to see the combination.

App Vault

The interface of the application case has been renewed too much, but it is not liked by the users. Xiaomi has renewed the interface of the application case again, taking into account the users. White backgrounds have been renewed in iOS style. At the top are non-removable application shortcuts. Below it are small bubbles like pedometer. You can customize its order.

Weather App

It is much easier to check the status of other cities in the new weather application. This convenience is supported by a new animation.

Always On Display

MIUI 12 adds another revolutionary innovation to the AOD feature. You will have the option to hide some items such as battery status, notifications, step counts.

Accessibility Settings

Accessibility settings had a lot of settings and it could be quite difficult to find options. Xiaomi has added sections to this menu, making it easy to find the feature you want.

Full Changelog:

  1. New support of LHDC V3 Codec.
  2. Improved control center style with date and time.
  3. Added text size & font weight, dark mode and split-screen support into Second Space.
  4. Added blood pressure measurement in Xiaomi Health.
  5. Updated security patch to July 2020.
  6. Updated OpenGL & Vulkan GPU driver (SD845: v415.0 to v464.0)
  7. Improved Super Wallpaper feature (Two new Mars location and improved lock screen time design)
  8. Delete picture option after sharing via screenshot.
  9. New lock screen charging animation styles (Mi 10 & Mi Mix Alpha charging style)
  10. Improved screen rotation animations (Seamless rotation from landscape to portrait)
  11. Added option to change Quick Ball wake-up areas.
  12. Redesigned home screen style selection menu.
  13. New camera & gallery filters
  14. Added option to switch Gallery’s album layout to list view.
  15. 3D animations on four of Control Center primary shortcuts
  16. Updated device security patch to June 2020.
  17. Improved behaviour of expanding notifications (Swipe down using one finger)
  18. New video playing quick options (Added mute and playback speed)
  19. Added option to store all game icons inside GAME TURBO’s Space.



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