Phone Specifications

The interface of the highly anticipated MIUI 12 continues to leak. The camera application, one of the most curious areas, had not changed for many years. Xiaomi listened to the feedback and renewed the camera application. The interface now has a more mininal design without revolutionary innovations. In addition, zooming animation has become much softer.

MIUI 12 New Camera UI

As you can see above, there are no revolutionary changes. The icons have been optimized and high resolution options such as 48MP and 108MP have been moved to the menu above.

MIUI 12 New Camera Animations

The MIUI 11 camera app had a harsh animation when zooming into a photo. With MIUI 12, animations have become very soft.

According to the latest published information, the first test version of MIUI 12 will be released later this month. You can find other changes about MIUI 12 on our site.




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